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Three Reasons Why You Need to Start the Discussion with a Local Property Manager

August 9, 2019

A knowledgeable local property manager can add outstanding value to your asset, which is the reason many experienced real estate owners will tell you that an apt management firm is of great benefit. Employment of their services likewise implies that you never need to disquiet about pursuing evictions or even receive grievances raised by the tenants. Here are the top three reasons why a landlord should start the discussion with his/her local property management company: […]

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Important Home Ownership Laws you need to know before finding a tenant in Medford, Oregon

August 2, 2019

Laws about rental housing are established to protect all the parties in the landlord-tenant relationship. As a property manager, you need to know the local, State, and Federal regulations and abide by them to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. This can cost you both business and your reputation, which can be hard to recover. As soon as you understand that tenants want to live peacefully in a rental home and protect […]

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Why the Cost of Living in Medford, Oregon is Great for Landlords

July 26, 2019

Before moving to a particular place to start a lifestyle, it is essential to have clear information on how it will cost you to live there. Since the prices of goods and services vary from place to place, determining how much more or less you need to live in an area is vital. The estimates for renters, homeowners, and housing affordability mostly determine the cost of living in a place. Looking for a place that […]

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Outdoor activities that attract great tenants in Medford, Oregon

July 19, 2019

Choosing an ideal residential area can be challenging, especially if you are new in a field. As a tenant, you may need to move from one location to another due to various factors. Medford is a great southern Oregon city to live and work in. The city is affordable and has everything to cater for all your needs. Medford has amazing public amenities, bars, restaurants, schools, hospital, parks, and beautiful homes. A property manager can […]

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The Top Things to See at the Sothern Oregon Craft Beer Festival in Medford, Oregon

July 12, 2019

What You Need to Know About the Forthcoming 11th Annual Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival in Medford Once again, Beerworks has teamed up with Southern Oregon Subaru, CM &D, and Scienceworks to bring you the 11th Annual Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival in Medford. The event will be held on June 14th, 2019, Friday from 4pm-9pm and on Saturday, June 15th, 2019, from 12pm-8pm. It is a perfect celebration weekend for beer lovers as they […]

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This is How a Property Management Company Can Help Maximize Your Profits

July 5, 2019

Investing in residential or commercial real estate diversifies your investment portfolio and brings in steady income. However, since you’re dealing with tenants, other factors come in play such as laws that govern tenant-landlord relationships, tenant screening, and rent collection, among others. Performing all these duties as a property owner can be challenging, especially when dealing with troublesome tenants, or you’re absent most of the time. That’s where a property management company comes in. Although these […]

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Stay More Organized By Utilizing the Same Techniques as a Property Management Company

June 28, 2019

Becoming a property-owner to several rental properties is amongst the stress-free ways of making money and generate long-term wealth. Though managing many rental properties on your own might be challenging, and the predicaments you encounter along the way can be disheartening. The success of an investment property manager principally depends on appropriate asset management. Usually, there are two methods of managing an investment property: via expert property management firms or by yourself. Specialized property management […]

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Get More Time In Your Life By Using A Property Management Company

June 2, 2019

Property management is a task that requires dedication, attention to detail, timeliness, and professionalism. When you have many properties, your role as a property manager becomes more demanding, and many responsibilities such as dealing with tenants, collecting the payments, handling tenant problems and actual maintenance of property face you daily. Such duties require a significant portion of your time. Here is how using a property management company will help you get more time in your […]

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Is Medford Oregon the next place to invest into Single Family Homes?

January 30, 2019

Insight on Investing in Single-Family Homes in Medford, Oregon. Single-family homes for renting are the best property management business for investors looking for long term, income-generating rental properties.

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What to Look for in a Quality Property Manager

January 24, 2019

At times, you might be hesitant to hire property managers with the scare that they might not serve the tenants with the utmost professionalism. This is a familiar feeling that most property owners have. It is an understandable feeling because a bad hire can disrupt a business leading to enormous losses. When hiring property managers, you can check out for the following attributes. 1: Experience Giving this your highest priority will yield you with better […]

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