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Is Medford Oregon the next place to invest into Single Family Homes?

Medford City was founded in Jackson County, Oregon. The city has a population that is close to 80,000 and a metropolitan population of about 208,000 making it the 4th largest metro area in Oregon and the best city for investing in property management. The city’s population is made up of small families hence the need for single-family homes for renting. Most startup investors in the real estate business are advised to start with single-family homes before they venture into multiple family homes. The reason is simple; you need to know the adversities of the investment that you’re starting. This will help you to be in touch with the business dynamics and be informed about the improvements that should be made when you decide to do it on a large scale.

Investing in small family rentals in Medford is a very profitable business given that only 6% of the total population relies on multiple family homes set up. They offer a stable revenue flow and give a great return on investment. When getting into any business, you should focus on how to make profits by providing better services to potential customers. One way of making good money is to invest in real estate; especially in small rental homes that most American families prefer nowadays. Another great tool is to ask the experts at and a local realtor that can help make your purchasing decision easier.

Beginners Guide

If you are venturing in real estate business for the first time, you may be wondering why most investors prefer single-family homes. Generally, one-third of most US rental homes is made up of single-family rental homes. Every year the demand for single-family homes increases. With real estate, you can’t afford to make any wrong decision because that means that your competitors will grab your market space. The ever-growing demand for new homes is what is making single-family rentals very popular.

If you are a beginner real estate investor, single-family homes offer the best shot because they are easily manageable. Other than that, it gives you the opportunity to serve the ever-growing housing demands of the American population. Before putting your money into this fast-growing industry, you should be conversant with the basics surrounding single-family homes investment. Here are five steps that you can follow in the quest of reaping benefits from single-family rentals.

Five tips on Investing in Single Family Homes

1. Set Your Target

The best way to achieve your target is by setting up a defined strategy on how the investment should grow. What are you return are you hoping to achieve? Is it safety and security? If so then you should come up with criteria checklist that generates steady revenue in a low-risk investment route. However, for higher returns, you should be prepared to take more risk. Returns are directly proportional to the risks taken. Don’t make a hasty decision though. Instead, employ a team of professionals to conduct a risk analyst test before venturing into the business.

2. Get a Right Location

Now that you are well conversant with risks of the business it is now time to find the right location to put up the single-family rentals. Medford has some potential areas that are in need of single-family rental homes. Location is the determinant of the success of your business in real estate. Determine the type of tenants that you want to attract. Make sure you check with your local office and consult a realtor.

3. Sort Out your Finances

This will determine whether the investment will proceed or not. Most investors use loans to fund such purchases. Before picking a lender, visit various lending institutions and sit down with experts to scrutinize the terms and conditions offered. Make sure that you have at least 20% of the initial capital needed for investment. You can also involve friends and family members who may be interested in becoming part of the investment journey. They maybe be able to refer you to some of the best mortgage lenders who offer manageable loans.

4. Conduct a Thorough Property Analysis

Once you have identified the right location and put your finances in order, it is now time to do final property analysis. Ask around for opinions before you make the final decision. Don’t forget to ask the Realtor and Use an investment property calculator to find essential investment metrics such as cash flow, cap rate, cash on return, and so on. It will also tell you the performance of your property in the market and enlighten you on a promising investment property to pick on when looking for single-family rentals on sale.

5. Make a Purchase and Market

After you’ve found an offer and sealed the deal, it is now time to market your property to prospective clients. Marketing is a vital step towards getting revenue from your investment. Do research and determine the local rental rates. Don’t set your rental payments too low to attract clients because you’ll end up making losses. Before promoting the single-family rental homes do a little renovation such as painting and fixing anything that may not be in the right shape. Proper marketing will attract tenants and hence increase your cash flow.

Investing in single family homes is profitable as they are easy to manage and have high occupancy rates. They also give a steady cash flow that you’ll need for servicing any loans that you might have taken. Medford offers the best market for small family homes.

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