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Outdoor activities that attract great tenants in Medford, Oregon

Choosing an ideal residential area can be challenging, especially if you are new in a field. As a tenant, you may need to move from one location to another due to various factors. Medford is a great southern Oregon city to live and work in. The city is affordable and has everything to cater for all your needs. Medford has amazing public amenities, bars, restaurants, schools, hospital, parks, and beautiful homes. A property manager can attract tenants in Medford as there are many recreational facilities and lovely chill spots for relaxing. The following are some Medford Oregon outdoor activities that will draw you to be a tenant in the southern Oregon city.

Boat Cruising

You can explore Southern Oregon’s attractions through exciting boat adventures. Companies like Rogue Jet Boat Adventures offer tours on the upper Rogue River that will enable to you do this with ease. You can start on the Medford-Central Point area and cruise the river as you appreciate the beauty of nature in Oregon. You will see the legendary Table Rocks, observe wildlife and, experience distinct celebrity sanctuaries. You can also learn the local Native American history and traditions. You will also love arrowhead hunting and enjoy every minute that you spend exploring a private river island. You can relax at Discovery Park after a long boat ride or go for canoeing for more views. Picnicking is permitted at the park.


Medford is excellent for hiking and trekking as the city has a couple of hiking trails that are friendly to both novice hikers and those who are seasoned. Table Rocks is one of the most popular trails in the city. Table Rocks has two sections that offer stunning views. Lower Table Rock is a bit challenging, especially for first-time trekkers. Upper Table Rock is the best trail to use if you are new to hiking. It is long and not as steep as the other. Both trails are great for small groups and families. Dogs are, however, not allowed through the trails. You can go to the peak, watch the beautiful sceneries and take as many photos as you can. Mount McLoughlin, Pilot Rock, Boy Scout Tree Trail, Rogue River, and Fall Creek Falls are other fantastic trails around the area.

Playing Golf

Medford has more than six quality golf courses where you can go spend your day playing. Centennial Golf Club is among the best golf courses in Medford. The Golf Club, which is located right at the center of Rogue Valley, has a 7,309-yard layout that plays to a par of 72. The free golf club was opened in 2006 and had 18 holes. Others include Bear Creek Golf Course (public), The Rogue at Rogue Valley Country Club (Private), Quail Point Golf Course (semi-private), The Oaks at Rogue Valley Country Club (private), and Stewart Meadows Golf course (public). The courses are well laid and easy to play on.

Visit Parks

Medford has plenty of parks where you can have a quiet time, take a stroll, ride a bike, run, and play games. The parks are easily accessible and are friendly even to children. Some of the parks you should go to when you live in Medford include Prescott Park, Bear Creek Park, Medford Railroad Park, Don Jones Memorial Park, and Blue Heron Park. The parks are also exquisite spots if you love to go for picknicks. The ambiance is wonderful and fit to pass the time. You can also hold small private parties with friends and family in the parks.

Fishing Adventure

Fishing in Southern Oregon is always a pleasure. You can go on a guided Rogue River fishing trip or choose a casting a line in the several isolated alpine lakes. Go for steelhead fishing and chase the salmons all afternoon in the Rogue River. The Rogue River which flows for about 215 miles is known for its huge wild fish population. You will also love the experience when you get to the waterfalls. Watson falls, Barr Creek falls, and Mill Creek falls are exciting spots to hang out.

The cost of living in Medford, Oregon is affordable considering all the amazing things the city has. Property management is also at its best. Being a tenant in a city entails more than just living in a beautiful house. You need to enjoy being a resident in the location. The quality of life in Oregon is fantastic and the employment market wide. Living in Medford is fun as there are plenty of activities you can engage in while not working.

If you want to learn more about why moving to Medford, Oregon may be the right choice for you please contact us!

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