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What to Look for in a Quality Property Manager

At times, you might be hesitant to hire property managers with the scare that they might not serve the tenants with the utmost professionalism. This is a familiar feeling that most property owners have. It is an understandable feeling because a bad hire can disrupt a business leading to enormous losses. When hiring property managers, you can check out for the following attributes.

1: Experience

Giving this your highest priority will yield you with better results. Ensure that the property management company has enough experience. Sometimes they may provide false evidence of their credit. Picking a company that has a national brand behind it ( will yeild better results. Experience determines whether or not the property manager will handle your rental property the way you’d do it yourself. It also gives the employer a brief idea of the candidate’s work ethic. Property owners tend to hire companies who are apart of a larger brand to this helps to deliver a better experience.

An experienced management company also ensures that the property managers are well conversant with the dos and don’ts in the real estate business. It is advisable not to attach feelings when employing this type of professionals because that can lead to a rational decision which can cost you a lot of money. Vast experience in the real estate business is a plus for any property manager.

2: Patience

Patience is a fundamental virtue that any property manager should possess. Dealing with tenants can be stressful. Some may opt to pay rent late while others decide to become persistent defaulters because of their lifestyle habits. That is why property managers should be patient and know how to handle such situations. Before choosing a qualified property management company, you should gauge whether they’ll handle stressful situations related to a rental property with grace. One way to do so is by making sure that they have some sales or customer service experience. Clients have different traits, and therefore the property manager should know how to handle them.

3: Professionalism

The company should be well composed when handling certain situations. They should be able to get along with different clients without any act of favoritism. Always look for that company who knows how to act with the utmost professionalism and treats everyone with respect regardless of their social or financial background.

4: Aggressiveness

Being Aggressive is where sales and customer experiences play a huge role. Property managers are the face of your company, and thus they should come up with new ideas that will improve the business. Look for innovative candidates. Ask them difficult questions and see how they will solve such problems. The ability to be aggressive is a very crucial virtue for a property manager especially if he/she has to keep contractors on toes and follow up late payments made by tenants.

5: Good Communication Skills

Property managers should have excellent oral and written communication skills. They should be able to pass information to the residents on time and without any difficulty. Clear communication will prevent any misunderstanding that may arise due to poor communication. To an extent, it also reduces the number of disputes that may occur due to lack of proper channels of communication.

6: Organization

Being is another essential quality that a property manager should possess. Property management may involve moving from one place to another to perform different tasks. The property manager should, therefore, be an organized person who plans on time and executes the deliverable as expected by the property owners. Staying organized prevents any duty clashes that may arise and also enables the property manager to work on schedule.

7: Open-Mindedness

Property management is fast-changing industry because it is directly related to real estate. Property managers should be willing to learn new ways of achieving deliverables on time. Keeping up with it all may include learning new sophisticated software applications that aid in the management duties, new ways to market your property & knowing whom to target to get your investment property rented fast. You need a technological geek property manager to keep up with the competition from your peers.

8: Flexibility

A property manager should be flexible in handling different situations. He/she should come up with solutions to the problems and shouldn’t have a fixed mindset about rental property. Screening for this quality is slightly tricky but consider rescheduling an interview and see how the candidate will react to that situation. Little tests can give you an insight into the flexibility standards of the candidate.

9: Ingenuity

Look for someone who is comfortable to think outside the box. Because different employers have different goals and ideas, it is, therefore, essential for the candidate to be willing to learn about new principles that will be necessary for achieving the company’s deliverables. The company’s commitment to ongoing education shows that they can be able to work and perform under minimum supervision.

9. Flat Rate Fee Structure with No Hidden Charges

We all hate surprises when it comes to charges, one way to avoid such problems is to hire a property manager that charges for his/her property management services based on a flat rate business model with no hidden charges.

Finding a good property manager is a process that requires much patience. Don’t be in a hurry to make this critical decision. Analyze all the possible factors to hire a qualified property manager who has the attributes mentioned above. Good Luck!

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